Class of 1973 25th Reunion Photos
(Thanks to Byron for giving his permission to copy the group photo for sharing here!)

Front: Phillip Merritt, Bonnie Martin, Vicky Ward, Katrinka Fortmann
Middle: David Hayes, Adrienne Lloyd, Jenny McGahee
Back: David Baker, Tom Thach, Kerry Wallace, half of Mike Ingram
(The whole Mike Ingram is below.)

Front: Doris Mobley, Janet Lipscomb, Vicki Kramer, Mary Maduros
Middle: Wendy Waters, Sheri Acree, Suzanne Hall, Pam Smith Webb
Back: Tommy Norwood, Sally Elrod, Brent Gilroy, Thomas Harden, Michael Ingram, Bobby Hamilton

Front: Dawn Mercer, James Clark, Dyanne Edmondson
Middle: Cindy Christopher, Paula Martin, Beth Haynes
Back: Mike Ingram, Henry Dean, Karen Griffin, Mike Evans, Steve Mobley, Jeff Heusel, Durance Lowendick, Mike Jackson, Tommy Dobson

Angie Jones, Mark Crawley, Jerry Hendrix, Byron Davidson (photographer)

Front: Ginger Garrett, Wanda Nichols, Jackie Bradford, Oleta Jones
Middle: Beverly Raxter, Lisa Bradford, Cheryl Dalton, Becky Brannon, Cindi Lundsford
Back: Jay Lovelady, Kevin Miller
Hiding in the Back: Mike Gower, Debi McQueen

(Not pictured: Sheila Davis, Gil Perkins, Barbara Tolbert)

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Group photo reproduced with permission granted by photographer, Byron Davidson.
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