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Dean Taylor's Band - Cat's Eye

Classic Rock Like It Should Be!

When you're ready to rock or you just want to step back in time for a few hours, come out and listen to the cool 70's rock like ZZ Top, Tom Petty, Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Band, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Little Feat, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Joe Cocker, Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Zeppelin, and more!

Photos below are from a ROCKIN' gig at the Tavern at Medlock!

Dean Taylor (THS 74) on bass guitar and vocals
[Comment from the editor: Wait a minute!
What does your shirt say? LIFE begins at 50???
You've got that right!]

Photo on right: David Tennant on guitar and vocals

Photo on right: Woody Man on drums

Photo on right: Jay Smith on guitar and vocals

Photo on right: Bill Thomas on the keys

Tiny dancers and the not so tiny dancers danced the night away!

Check out Dean's band's calendar, listen to their AWESOME OLDIES music, and read more about their band at http://www.myspace.com/catseyeband .

Wanna listen to Dean's original music, or order his CD? Go to cdbaby.com/cd/deantaylor .


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