Thanks to Kerry Smith (THS 73) for furnishing these photographs.

Behind the Group of 1973 Alumni:

People standing in back ?, ?, ?, ?, Austin Hansen in vest on right, elderly lady sitting is Mrs. Burns (English Teacher)

Picture 1:

Back Row: Mac Cranford, Steve Templeton, Thomas Harden, Rex Lowendick, Gary Welsh, Kyle Fowler

Fourth Row: ?, Kerry Smith, Mike Denham, Ken Wilson, Bobby Hamilton, ?

Third Row: Alan Lynn, Carolyn McKinny, Debi McQueen Gower, Ginger Garrett, ?, ?

People in Between Row Three and Row Four: Laura Mangold, Chuck Brooks, Pam Woodruff, ?, Horace Chambless, Shiela Davis

Second Row: Mike Gower, Leigh Organ, Linda Mobley, Alice Wells

First Row: Ann Williamson, Oleta Jones, Lisa Bradford Elliott
Picture 2:

Alone Behind Back Row: Gary Stamey

Back Row: Mike Witcher, Randy Smith, Robert Bentley, Mike Couch

Fifth Row: Chris Glennon, Jimmy Long, ?, ?, Ricky Hammock

Fourth Row: Rhonda Johnson, Dawn Christy Burch, Ann Futral, Barbara Tolbert

Third Row: Katrinka Fortmann Maddox, Vicky Ward, Wendy Waters Nelson

Second Row: Debbie Thompson, Doris Mobley Banks, Marilyn Miller

First Row: Jackie Bradford, Wanda Nichols, ?
Picture 3:

Back Row: Tommy Norwood, Billy Crisler, Paul Fritchman, Gil Perkins

Sixth Row: Jon Wright, Jeff Heusel, Tim Nelms, Scott Burch, Suzanne Hall, Al Alexander

Fifth Row: Brent Gilroy, Carol Hankins, Cheryl Dalton, Beverly Lewis

Fourth Row: Becky Brannon, Gina Standish, Sally Elrod, Cindy Lunsford, Vicky Clayville, Tommy Dobson

Third Row: Patsy Gill, Susan Fowler, Susan Patterson, Debbie Batchelor, Nikki Foley, Melanie Mulkey

Second Row: Nancy Moore, Julie Rowland Moncrief, Mark Henry, Cindy Christopher, Vicki Kramer, Judy Yeager

Front Row: Mary Maduros Coulter, Deborah Simms Willingham, Devie Campbell, Connie Turner, Bonnie Martin
Picture 4:

Back Four: Mike Evans, Keith Peters?, Tom Smythe, ?

Middle Six: Dyanne Edmondson, Gwen Quinton, Phillip Merritt, David Banks, part of Terry Crawford, part of Jay Lovelady

Front Three: Cathy Lassister, Jan Lipscomb, Pam Hutchinson


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