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Columbia Mall

Read about the history of Columbia Mall.

Columbia Mall - 1972
Thanks to Judy Wellborn Baxter (THS 66) for sharing this 1972 photo of her new car, which happens to have Columbia Mall in the background! Stores from left to right at the time include: Sears, Baskin Robbin's, Ryan's, Wigs, a Deli (which I think turned into Peppino's), Thom McKan Shoes, ?, (then the main entrance), John Couffiers (sp?), Walgreen's Grill, Walgreen's, and Davison's.

"Iíve enjoyed photography since I was in my teens. I got a Nikkormatt 35mm camera (my second 35mm) single lens reflex in the early 70ís. I wanted to take a shot of my new car and wanted a background different from our driveway. I took my camera and drove my car to the mall parking lot to take some pictures. There was plenty of space with nothing obstructing the view! Judy"

Columbia Mall - 2000

Columbia Mall - 2005
The Mall is presently closed.
Columbia Mall is at issue in an Avondale citizens against Walmart lawsuit.
Walmart wants to level Columbia Mall to built a Super Walmart.
Avondale citizens banded together to prevent Walmart from moving forward with plans.
First round, citizens win, but it appears Walmart has not given up the battle... yet.
Notice the security truck in the middle of the photograph.
I'm assuming it's there 24/7.

Columbia Mall - 2005
The back and side doors and windows of Sears are boarded up.

Columbia Mall - 2005
Back of Sears

Columbia Mall - 2005
Front of Davison's
The front, side, and back doors and windows are boarded up.

Columbia Mall - 2005
Back of Davison's

Columbia Mall - 2005
Lower end of Davison's near graveyard

Columbia Mall - February 17, 2007
Demolition is near

Columbia Mall - March 2007
The End of an Era
Demolition In-Progress Pictorial and links to action footage

Columbia Mall - March 2008
The NEW COLUMBIA MALL (AKA Avondale Walmart)


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