Mrs. Dean's Class, Britt Elementary 1998-99
Reports on Snake Man

A guest speaker came to our classroom and taught us about snakes. Students summarized the information they learned and the best essays are included on this page, along with a few photos.


By: Wesley B.

Greetings dude. Here are some things about snakes. There are deadly snakes and snakes that wonít do hardly anything to you. Here is a rhyme I use to remember what deadly snakes look like and what non poisonous snakes look like.

If red touches black, heís your friend Jack! If red touches yellow, youíre a dead fellow. Snakes are reptiles. They eat mice and rats. They lay eggs, hibernate, and shed their skin. When they hibernate (a word for a long sleep), unlike us, they do not close their eyes! Because they have no eyelids.

Snakes are misunderstood animals. Most people who get bitten try to hurt it or do something to it or with it. Why snakes strike at people who do those things is because they are invading the snakesí boundaries. Like us, they need their own space for their habitat.

Here are some tips to protect yourself from snakes and to help snakes from extinction: Wear pants and boots when you go fishing in grassy areas. Never attack a snake, remember you need to treat others like you want to be treated even if theyíre animals. Never pick up a snake or go near one without parent supervision and permission.

That about wraps it up. See ya!

The End

by: Paige G.

There are lots of snakes in the world. They canít close their eyes. They have no ears, but they listen by sticking out their tongue. That is why they stick out their tongue so much. There are mostly non poisonous snakes around here. Every snake has teeth. Their teeth slant backwards so they can keep their food in their mouth. The snake Iím holding is not snake, but it is a Python skin. Snakes are cold blooded. Snakes are not my favorite reptiles but some are ok. The nice snakes I like.

By: Allison S.

Snakes are unusual animals. One thing so unusual about snakes is they donít close their eyes when they sleep and they don't have any ears either. They hear by sticking out their tongue. Snakes are mostly non-poisonous around here. The poisonous snakes around here are the cottonmouth, copperhead, and the rattlesnake. All snakes have teeth. You should stay calm if ever bitten by a snake.
The end


By: Michael T.

Snakes are not slimy. You may think they are, but they arenít. They are soft and cool. They shed their skin and have neater skin under it. One reason they shed their skin is because they grow and their old skin doesnít fit anymore. Another reason they shed is because they get wounds and shedding is how their skin heals up. A Viper has a incredible tongue. Their tongue can locate a dead rat from far away by tasting air. A snake can swallow a toad in about 15 minutes. Snakes do not have ears, but they can feel the vibration of animals. When baby snakes hatch they have a tooth by their mouth and that helps them hatch. It tears open the egg then they struggle out of the egg. Well, that's it and this is Michael T. talking about snakes.

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