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Britt Elementary!
Georgia School of Excellence 1998-99

Our School
by Brittia

My name is Brittia. I havenít been here a full year yet. So therefore, I donít know everything that this school has to offer, but Iím quiet sure thereís plenty. However, I know one thing for sure about W. C. Britt Elementary School, and that is we won the School of Excellence which means that the teachers are very dedicated and concerned about the kids. Mrs. Sheppard is the best principal Iíve had since grade school, and all the students work very hard to strive for good grades, which is why I think the best thing about Britt is unity. Working together as a team really pays off. Congratulations to all of us for doing our best.
Keep up the good work everybody!

A Little More About Our School
by Cory S.

Our school is a great school! It has a gym, a computer lab, an art room, and a music room. We have something called Accelerated Reader. You have to get 10 points or higher to get a shirt, hat, or tote bag. The lunchroom is a place where you get to pick out your own lunch and get ice cream for $.50. Outside, sometimes we have school picnics where parents can come, but most of the time we play. There is a soccer field and swings. There is also a luncheon where all the students and teachers dress up very nice two-three times a year. Students can play the piano while everyone is eating lunch. You have to use very good manners and eat properly. There are many nice teachers here and my school is a Georgia School of Excellence.

Our Library
by Irene

In my school, I think the quietest, nicest, most peaceful, and interesting place is ... the library. Seriously, the teachers donít make us be quiet. We do it by ourselves. It has very sad stories like The Little Princess and funny stories like Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. It does not only have books, it also has computers. And if you would like to read in Spanish, weíve got a couple of Spanish books too. I think the best part is Accelerated Reader books! Hereís how it works: You go to the library and find a book with a red tag. Then you read it. You go to a computer in the library and type in the title. It will ask you questions. You answer them and you get points if you get the questions right. If you get two points, you get a bookmark. If you get five points you get a pencil. If you get to ten points, you get a choice of an Accelerated Reader Star shirt, bag, or hat. And thereís a 25 point club, a 50 point club, and an 100 point club. Overall, I think it is cool!

About Our Lunchroom
by Brittney

In our lunchroom we have a lunch lady where we pay for our food and pay for the milk. We have ladies in the back that cook our food that we eat. We also have a bar and that is where we get our food. Students get to serve themselves and they get to choose what they want to eat. The best thing we have is chicken nuggets. Each class has a table that is numbered and you have to sit at that table. In the lunchroom, we have a Super Kid area, and if you are the Super Kid, you would get to sit over in the Super Kid area and eat your lunch and have an ice cream sundae. You could eat with your parents or you can eat with your friend or teacher. We have an ice cream lady that sells plain ice cream for any student too. In our lunchroom, we have a place where we put our trays up and a place to line up. The end.

Our Playground
by Patrick

Our playground is great! Itís an enormous playground. We have a kick ball field, blacktops for basketball, a soccer field, swings, and yellow jungle gyms. I like the soccer field and swings the best. We just got a new jungle gym. It just opened. Itís for first and second grade. We have a race track. The track has gravel and it goes all around the soccer field, kick ball field, and yellow equipment. We also have a gym. My favorite thing to do is to play Capture the Flag.

The Habitats (Courtyards)
by Irene

In my school we have two courtyards. One of them has two bunnies. One of the bunnies is named Sugar. The other is named Cinnamon. Thereís also a turtle. There is a small table in the middle of the courtyard. Itís gray and has matching chairs. You can earn to eat in there too. The other habitat is more like a garden. Why? Because it has flowers and bushes, birds, and butterflies. I like it so. I think youíll like it too. See you there!

Our Classroom
by Timmy

Hi! My name is Timmy and I am in Mrs. Deanís class. I am here to tell you about our classroom. In our classroom, we have centers for when we finish our language arts or morning work. One of the centers is the art center. It is my favorite center. At the art center you can draw, do Origami, cut, do thumb print pictures, and more! Use your creativity and go to the block center. There, you can build things with blocks. Listen to music at the listening center. All you have to do there is to listen to the music. Most people in my class like to listen to the holiday music best around Christmas because it is so good. I even like it. My favorite Christmas song is ďGrandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.Ē You can also listen to recorded story books. The last, but not least, center is the computer center. You get to play computer games. Most of the games are educational and fun. Now I will tell you about language arts. In language arts, we have reading, cursive, English, spelling, and drawing conclusions. Sometimes we have other sheets, like Crack the Code, which are enrichment sheets or activities. Sometimes we listen to classic rock and roll when we pass out papers. The two songs I like the best are: Whoomp! There It Is! and Limbo Rock. The last thing we do at the end of the day is math. We are into multiplication and division right now. We canít forget science! We are studying about water right now and I love water. I like how you can learn different things.

Our teacherís name is Mrs. Dean. She is one of the best teachers in the whole wide world. She is really fun. I love the assignments she gives. I love her sense of humor. I wish I could go to her house sometime.

Well, that is all about my classroom.