Hello! I'm Mrs. Karen Dean and I teach third grade at
Gwinnett County's Britt Elementary School, located in Snellville, Georgia. I
began my 28th year teaching school in March of 2008 and I've been at Britt
since 1990. My teaching credentials include an A.A. in Liberal Arts, a B.S.
and a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Thanks to Esana's mom, Ms. Shafter, for sharing this photo
of Mrs. Dean taken during 2006-07 conferences!

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Our Goals in Life
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September 11, 2001 - One Year Later - We Remember that Day
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Student Refelections on September 11, 2001
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Special People in Our Lives
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Student Writings from the Class of 2000-2001

How to Get the Holiday Spirit
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Online Learning Activities and Strategy Games

Addition Bingo
Name the President
Name the State
USA Map - State Locations (Advanced!)
Kaleidoscope Painter
Jigsaw Puzzles - Seasonal, Holidays, Fun


Science and Space
Astronomy links for all ages!
Jackson Degroff highly recommends this web page for all science enthusiasts
like him, whether you're learning about stars, planets, or space. With these
links you can map the stars, find pictures of planets, and play space games.
Thank you, Jackson, for sharing this wonderful link with us!

Watch live astronomy cams and resources
Students of Ms. Courtney Phillips strongly recommend this web page for young
astronomers. You'll find an assortment of astronomy learning resources,
web cams, photography, games and puzzles.
Thank you to Ms. Courtney Phillips' students for sharing this collection with us!

The Sky At Night From Your Patio
Mrs. Katie Gold's exuberant students have found this valuable online space
resource and wanted to share it with other young astronomers. You'll find an
assortment of information from everything about astronomy, to famous
astronomers, to educational games!
Thank you to Ms. Gold's students for sharing this awesome resource with us!

NASA for Children


I Love the USA!

Play and Learn the 50 States by
Miss Ava Barnes found this educational site about our United States of America
and wanted to share it with other students eager to advance their knowledge of our great nation.
Thank you, Miss Ava, for helping others have fun while learning about the USA!

The US Flag
The Bald Eagle
The White House

The Statue of Liberty and Its History
Miss Ava Barnes discovered this educational site about the history of the Statue of Liberty
and thought the site may prove to be a valuable resource to others in their
research of the famous landmark in New York City.
Thank you, Ava, for helping others learn about the Statue of Liberty!!

Statue of Liberty Photo
Empire State Building
Jefferson Memorial
Vietnam Memorial
Liberty Bell 1
Liberty Bell 2
Lincoln Memorial 1
Lincoln Memorial 2
World Trade Center 1
World Trade Center 2
World Trade Center 3
Grand Canyon
Mount Rushmore
Great Lakes
American Icons
Oregon Trail
California's Yosemite National Park
California's Yosemite National Park's Giant Sequoia Trees Photos
Golden Gate Bridge Photo 1
Golden Gate Bridge Photo 2


Ancient Egypt
Learn about Egyptian Mummies and King Tut!
Learn about Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


The FBI for Kids and Youth
USA History and Government

Black History
Black History Month - The Kids' Corner
Mae Jemison
Martin Luther King, Jr.


Optical Illusions
Optical Illusions Tour One
Optical Illusions Tour Two

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