We Remember...
September 11, 2001 - One Year Later
Essays written, edited, and typed by Mrs. Dean's Students, September 11, 2002
(Illustration above by Chad Seder. Web page background illustration by Trevon Siler.)

I Remember the Bad People
by Imani A.

I remember the bad people on September 11th. It was like a
memorial day to me. It was not a special day for me when I heard on
the news that over 3000 people lost their lives and lost their community.
Think about the 15,000 kids who lost parents and family. One little
girl lost her sister and mother because they were on the plane that day.
Firefighters and policemen lost their lives and lost their children and wives
and babies because all that bad stuff happened. It was just bad stuff on that
day. I was at my old school, Stapling Elementary, before I came to Britt
Elementary I was in class working and the speaker came on and said please
send Imani to the front office to go home and then my mom told me what
happened. I was very sad and then we went home and had snacks and watched the
news. I saw a plane crash in to the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and the next
day I was sad for the people who died and the next day it turned out to be a
fine day again, and normal day.

When I Grow Up
by Dustin A.

When I grow up I want to be a policeman because I want to be helpful to
others. I wonít do what the plane jackers did because if I do I will be
fired. I would probably be dead. I don't ever want to be dead though. I want
to be alive every single day.

Do You Remember?
by Ashley Baccari

Do you remember the day thousands of people lost their lives? Do you remember
the day terrorists hit the Twin Towers? Do you remember the Pentagon got hit?
I remember the people who sacrificed their lives for others. I remember the
terrorists who tried to hit the White House. I remember September 11th. We
remember the 350 firefighters that lost their lives. We remember the 25 police
that lost their lives. We remember September 11th, 2001.

I Remember 9-11-01
by Keisha Campbell

I remember one year ago, the two planes hit the Twin Towers. Iím happy that
New York is safe now and I was sad when the people who lost their lives and the
fireman and wish that they didnít do that. But theyíre going to pay big time
and theyíre going to learn how to deal with our country.

We Remember 9-11-01
by Brianna Canady

We remember 9-11-01 as a very sad day. Osama Bin Ladenís people came to
America from Pakistan and tried to ruin Americaís freedom. It didnít work, it
only brought us closer together. They came in an airplane and killed everyone
in it. In the airplane, they crashed into many buildings. The buildings were
Twin Towers, Pentagon and almost the White House. There is a school right
across the street from the Twin Towers. September 11 made them have to go to a
new school for a month. The children remember the month they had to go to a
new school. I know that everyone across the country remembers September the
11th. This will be a day Americans wonít forget!

Twin Towers 2 Planes
by Michael Carson

It was a horrible day on September 11th. The Twin Towers fell down. It was
because 2 planes were shot down I think. Weird how they fell. I think the top
of the towers exploded. Iím sorry that so many people died. I wonder if
they will build another monument. Iím glad that some people survived the
attack. Iím also glad that the attack made us better people. I hope that 602
airplanes can find bin Laden and shoot a lot of missles at him so he wonít
escape. Then Afghanistan will be lost. I wonder when heíll be found. At
least the dead are in a better place.

I Remember 9-11
by Rachel Grant

September 11th was a sad day for all. It was really scary. Imagine being in
Manhattan, New York. P.S. 35 (an elementary school in Manhattan) was four
blocks away from the terrorism. The Elementary School had to go to Saint
Bernards. Saint Bernards is a very old school. It hadnít been used in a long
time. The children didnít have enough desks and chairs. The children were
thankful and made the best of it.

Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the terrorisom. The President of the United
States of America and Mayor Juliani of Manhattan gathered together to
straighten the problem out. The planes that were hijacked had a lot of fuel in
them. I think Osama Bin Laden should go to prison for life or maybe even
a death penalty.

September 11th 2001
by Abby G.

On September 11th 2001 one of the Twin Towers was hit by an airplane. There
was a school that was close by. They had to get the children out of the
building because the Twin Tower was hit. They got some of the children out of
the school. But then the Twin Tower collapsed. The other children had to stay
in the school. Just then another plane hit the other Twin Tower. Firemen were
there and policemen were there too. The police and firemen tried to get
everyone out. But people died. About 3000 people died counting 350 firemen
and counting 25 policemen died also. That happened in New York. In Washington
D.C. one plane crashed into the Pentagon. People died in there. I think
some people got out of the Pentagon. Bad people got into a plane. The
passengers of the plane heard the bad people say that they were going to crash
into the White House. The passengers called some people on there cell phones
that some bad people were going to crash into the White House. But the bad
people had a problem with the plane and they crashed but not in the White
House. Later, some people were saying that the White House was hit. The White
House was hit. I know that the White House was not hit. I know that many
children lost there parents. I feel sorry for them. I am so glad that I
didnít lose my parents. God bless America.

September 11th, 2001
by Carissa Gresham

One day on September 11th, 2001. My mom had just picked me up from school.
We were riding down the road and she said, ďCarissa, the Twin Towers have
collapsed.Ē I said, ďWhy would that country do such a thing?Ē I don't know
where we were going anyway. We are going to Home Depot. I said, ďFor what?Ē
She said, ďFor your bunkbed.Ē When we got inside Home Depot I chose the
wooden bunkbed. When we got in the truck we listened to the radio about the
terroristic attacks. When we got home we put my bed together, except me, I was
watching the news . After we did all that we decorated the front yard with
flags. Then I went to bed.

When I Grow Up
by Milton Ide

When I grow up I will be a policeman. Because if there where robbers, I would
arrest them and I would put them into jail and keep my town a better town than
ever. If I was a policeman and robbers stole gold I would especially put them
in jail and keep them there probably forever. It will be tough for me. But a
manís got to do what a manís got to do. Itís all in a manís job.

September 11th
by Travis Jones

One day the airplane crashed into the Twin Towers. My momís heart was
breaking. Over 3 thousand people died. They had to take blood from people.
People had dust on their faces. The buildings look like a junk pile. Police
were all over the place. Firemen were trying their best to get the fire out.
God bless the people who helped them. Children lost their mothers and fathers.
I hope they get caught.

I Remember
by Christopher Keyes

I remember when Osama bin Laden had hired three guys to crash planes. One
crashed a plane the Pentagon. One crashed a plane in the Twin Towers. One was
going for the White House, but two girls on the plane got called on their cell
phone, then took control and made the crash in no where Pennsylvania. When the
Twin Towers were falling, there were 25 police and 350 firefighters in the
building. The radio was not working well then and they didnít get out. The
people on the top floor didnít make it out either. They didnít want to die in
the fire so they jumped out 100 feet from the Twin Towers. They still died
though. The people under the top floor pretty much made it out of the building.
The school beside the Twin Towers had to evacuate. Some classes had to get out
at 8 at night. Then they went to another school. Then they came back to the
school that they belong in. On that day I was sending cards to the
firefighters and policemen. I hope thatís the last time that happened. That day
I didnít know all this had happened.

September 11th
by Taylor Patrick

On September I heard the Twin Towers had fallen. I did not know what the Twin
Towers were. So when I got home I turned on the TV. I saw the Twin Towers
fall and saw people jumping from the top of the building. I was scared. I
said to myself that explains the reason there weren't many kids at school.
Then, I went to get a glass of water to calm me down. Then my dad asked me if
I heard about the Twin Towers fallen. I said yes. My dad and I said they
would not get away with this. All we could do was pray.

When The Towers Fell
Holly Peck

On September 11th 2001 the Twin Towers fell. Inside of me I was crying. All
those people who died in the Twin Towers. I saw it on the news when I got
home. Even though no one I knew died in the Towers, it was still sad. The Twin
Towers were one of the two tallest buildings. I felt so sorry for the kids and
policeman and firefighters and moms and dads who died.

by Chad Seder

When I got home I went inside and heard the Twin Towers fell down. My dad
cried. I was sad. My mom went home. When she came home from work she was sad
too. I think the police officers and firemen who helped should get a special honor badge.

When I Grow Up
by Jonathan S.

This picture is the bald eagle and the American flag. When I grow up I would
like to be a fighter for my country in the army because it would help keep us
safe. It will protect my country and I'll keep freedom.

On September the 11th
by Trevon Siler

On September the 11, 2001, there were two planes that had crashed into the
Twin Towers. Then one day one plane had crash into the Pentagon because the
hijackers had taken over the plane. Thatís how the Pentagon got crashed. They
were trying to destroy the Pentagon. And when I grow up I want to be a
policeman so I can help people.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up!
by Lindsey Thomas

What I want to be when I grow up is a fire woman because when there are fires,
I can come and put out the fire so people donít die in the fire. There are
many other things like being police woman. Because when people are doing over
40-60 miles per hour, they will get pulled over because they could have a wreck
and die if they go fast or they could hit so one elses car and they might get
mad at you. I could be the wife of the President too. There are many other
things I could do, but I do not know the other things. I could be a mother, and
Iíd be a nice mother. I could be a teacher too.

When The Bad Men Hit
by Amy T.

September 11, 2001 seemed like a normal day to me. Nobody thought anything
would happen. But something did. A mean man named Osama bin Laden had a gang.
It all started when Osama made a plot to get America. He tried to make America
stay in their houses. Some of his mean plot worked, but most of it didnít.
Osama wanted to hit the White House with a plane, but the passengers took over.
The plane still crashed, but luckily the White House wasnít damaged. Mean
Osamaís plan only brought America stronger together. Osama murdered more than
3,000 people. Two planes hit the Twin Towers. Everyone on the planes died.
Lots of people in the Twin Towers died, too. Another plane hit the Pentagon.
It was a sad day. Today is 1 year later, September 11, 2002. To Osama and
his gang it might be a celebration, but my teacher, Mrs. Dean, says itís a
remembrance day. I think she is right. Some people are still morning. Even
though nobody in my family died, Iím sad. I hope it never happens again.

September 11th
Amanda Walker

One day when I got back from school my dad said the Twin Towers crashed and
some people died. My dad said I said turn on the news and let me see. Then we
sat down and watched it together. I was sad.

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