Student Reflections on September 11, 2001
Mrs. Dean's Students 2001-2002

The World Trade Center
by Brittany Harris

I was in my car when my mom told me about the World Trade Center being knocked
down by an airplane. When I got home, my dad was watching the news. On the
news channel they were showing a lot of pictures of the airplane crashing into
the World Trade Center. Then,for the past few weeks that was the only thing on
the news. Then when we would go to the store, I would see a lot of people with
flags on their house. And on their mailboxes. They had flags in their yards
because they care about what happened. The flag symbolizes freedom and
justice. My mom said on the first floor there was a day care center. I feel
really, really bad for all the children who donít know.

How I Feel about the Tragedy
by Kaitlyn Chastain

I felt bad on September 11, 2001. It was very sad. The people who did this
will pay. It was a shock. I was in school when it happened. We watched the
news all night long. Now America is a better community. If my grandpa was
alive, he would be very sad, also. A lot of people lost family members. If I
was old enough, I would go and help the people look for their loved ones. God
bless the United States of America. Whoever did this is seriously going to pay
big time. We are a strong place to live.

by Jeremy Edge

I felt many ways. I heard about the bombings in New York. I felt confused
because I didnít know why someone would attack America. I felt sad because a
lot of people lost friends and lives. I felt hopeful because I thought the
rescue operators could find people. I felt relieved because there was no more
damage done than there was done.

The World Trade Center
by Myles Dowell

In New York there were planes that crashed into the World Trade Center Twin
Towers on purpose on September 11, 2001 and there were lots of people who
died. And some people's mothers and fathers are dead. Terrorists killed our
people . And there is a disease called anthrax they put in the mail that kills
innocent people too. We have to fight back to keep our freedom. Bin Laden
destroyed the Twin Towers and he killed 3000 Americans there, he killed people
in the Pentagon in Washington, DC, and also people some where else and that is
why we have to fight back. I do not like those men because we are good
people. Why did they have to do that to us? It is so heart breaking.

How I Felt on September 11, 2001
by Kate Hendrix

On September 11, I did not know what had happened. We were in class when the
planes hit the Twin Towers. My dad picked me up that afternoon and asked me if
I had heard the news. I said no. My dad told me that two planes had crashed
into the Twin Towers and that many people had lost their lives and several
other people were missing, including firemen and police men. They were trying
to save peopleís lives. I wasnít afraid because I did not understand what had
happened. I am sad because kids donít have their moms and dads in their lives anymore.

by Jessica Yates

When the World Trade Center got hit by a plane, my brother and I did not really
understand it like my mom and dad did. It was hard to explain. There was a
lot about it on TV. It was sad for the people around me. We were all very
scared about what would happen the next day. And then we had a war. Lots of
men and women gave their lives. I am glad that there are people to protect
me. I am very glad that none of my family was in the war. It happened on
September 11, 2001.

How I Felt When it was September 11, 2001
by Lindsay Lewin

I felt sad September 11 because lots of people died and firemen risked their
lives to save people in the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and airplane. Osama
bin Laden should be ashamed because he did this to our beautiful great country.

by Chris Handlan

I felt sad about the terroristic attacks on September 11, 2001. I want to know
why they did this because we are innocent people. We didnít do anything to
Afghanistan. Why did they do it? My parents told me about it when I got home
from school. I was supposed to go to a Braveís game that night, but all parks
were closed because of the attacks, and the games were canceled.

What I Think about 9-11
by Stephanie Johnson

When I got home on September 11 my mother said that lots of kids lost their
parents because of the terrorist attacks. She told me about what happened.
She said that many people lost their loved ones and the terrorists crushed the
Twin Towers. We watched it on TV that night. I am sorry for the people that lost their loved ones.

What I Feel Like
By Sarah Murphy

I felt sad when the terrorist made the planes crash because the airplane was my
uncle Johnís plane. He was supposed to be flying it and he was not there. He
was so lucky he was not on the plane, but the people who were on the plane were not so lucky.

How I Felt on September 11, 2001
by Garrett Daglis

I felt sad because my Meme was on a plane the same time the planes hit the
buildings, but she was not on that plane. I do not know why they did that, but
we will fight back and we will win because we know our country is stronger. I
was sad because so many children lost their moms and dads.

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