Mrs. Dean's Class, Britt Elementary
by Mrs. Dean's Class

My Special Person
by Sheri A.

My special person is my mom because she is nice to me and gives me things I want. When I am good she takes me anywhere I want to go. She also takes me to my sisterís house. She is also my special person. She is 32 years old. She used to work at the dentistís office only for kids. She has three sisters. Their names are Mayce, Mandy, and Taylor. When I was 5 she always took me to dance class. That`s why she is my special person.

My Special Person !!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kaitlyn C.

My Special Person is my mom. Her name is Deanna. She is 32 years old. She has two children. Iím one and my sisterís name is Sydney. My mom got remarried. She is still very special. She has two moms and two dads. She also has two sisters. Their names are Samantha and Amanda. My mom works at my school and subs at my school. When I was two through five she worked at the dentist office as a nurse. Thatís how she met her best bud named Eva. For six years they have been friends. Eva is so nice. Not as nice as my mom. (Only sometimes she is.) I love you mom.

My Special Person
by Garrett D.

My Nana is so nice. On my brotherís and my birthdays, she takes us for a birthday dinner. I always go to Red Lobster or Joeís Crab Shack. Then she takes us to Target and if we don't want to go there, we go to Toys R Us. Then we go to her house and we play with her dogs. Then we go home.

My Special Person
by Myles D.

My special person is my mom. She is a nice person. She is a pretty woman. Also, she takes me out to eat. I love her a lot. My other special person is my sister. She is a very pretty girl too. Another person I like is Jehovah. I love him a lot. I love them all.

My Special Friend
by Jeremy E.

My special friend is Evan. He is my special friend because, he is nice, he likes to play soccer with me, and lots of other things, but the best thing is his personality. He has a great attitude. He also uses teamwork in soccer. He passed the ball to me and I scored. There are many other reasons why, but now you know why Evan is my best friend.

My Special Person
by Mya E.

Iím lucky to have a mom. Iím lucky to have a mom because itís what children need. I always say I love you, Mom, or you are the best mom, or you are the best mom in my life, or I just love you, Mom. Even if they die or something they are still in your heart and your life. THANK GOD AND SO IT IS! I love you mother and everybodyís blessed to have a mother like you. The whole world likes to have a mom and a family.

My Special Person
by Chris H.

My special person is my Grandpa. He is very handsome and nice. His house is very big and nice and it looks like a mansion. He has a game room in his basement. In his game room is a pool table, dart board, and a ping-pong table. He also has a room just for my brother and me. I love you Grandpa!

My Special People!
by Brittany H.

I have three special people. My special people are my mom, my dad, and my sister. My sister is 13 years old. She helps me with math when my dad is at work. My mom helps me with any homework I don't understand. My dad helps me with work my mom and my sister don't understand. My dad is also a very, very smart person. My mom and my sister are also very smart people, too. They are not just smart people, they are really nice people, too. They also love me and I love them.

My Special Person Is My Grandma
by Kate H.

My grandma is my special person because she loves me more than my Mom, Dad, Dede, Michelle, Ashley, Brian, Jeff, and Meme. She takes me shopping, school shopping, and on big vacations. Here are some things we do inside: hit the ball over the couch, play on the computer, mini baseball, play basketball, and play pool inside and outside. Also she bought me a C.D. that has 1,000 dollars on it. Thatís what I love about my grandma.

My Special Person
by Ross H.

My special person is my mom. Her name is Teri. I like my mom because she is nice. She is 26. She works at a deli. A deli is a sandwich shop. It is called My Friend's Place. She likes to plant flowers. We always play cards. She takes me rollerblading every Sunday. She enjoys watching me play football. Her favorite sport is golf. Her favorite show is The West Wing. Her favorite foods are sushi and chocolate.

My Special Person
by Stephanie J.

My special person is my grandma. On my birthday she sends me $10.00. On Christmas she sends me a gift certificate for Toys Rí Us. I send her pictures and letters. She sends me cards that say how much she likes my pictures. Her name is Grandma Johnson. Her real name is Winifred A. Johnson. She is special because she makes me feel special. I go to see here every year. She lives in Providence, Utah. When I visit her we play games and talk about school. What is nice about her is even though she has 57 grandchildren she calls each of them on their birthday to sing ĎHappy Birthdayí. Her favorite color is blue. Her birthday is January 2nd. She is very special.

My Special Person
by Lindsay L.

My special person is my mom. Her name is Michele Annette Lewin. She has brown curly hair, hazel eyes, and is very nice. I love when she gives me apple cider. I love her so much. She loves me too.

My Special Person
by Eliseo M.

My mom is my special person. She helps me on my math and my reading. She takes me to the store and buys me some games, so I can play with my brother. Sometimes my mom and I play a game. We have so much fun. I win all the time.

My Parents
by Kylle M.

My parents are people I can look up to. My parents always pay for my clothes and my food. My parents love me and I love them. My mom and dad are very kind people. I always respect them. My parents take me to dance and drama. My parents also take me to see movies. My mom takes me shopping and my mom takes me to all of my school dances. My dad takes me to the condo. I love my parents!

My Parents Are Special
by Sveta M.

My mother and father are special. I love them. They are nice and they love me. My mother and father feed me good. They give me a room and a bed to sleep in. They give me clothes. My mother and father play with me.

My Mom
by Sarah M.

My mom is very special to me. I like when my mom takes me to the library. I like when my mom takes me to Toys R Us. My mom takes me to my friendís house and to the store. My mom takes me to my old neighborhood for Halloween. My mom takes me to the park.

My Favorite Person
by Edgar O.

My favorite person is my dad because he is important to me. He helps me with my work, too. I like him too much because he is so nice. When I tell him I donít need help, he listens to me.

My Cousin
by Justin S.

My cousin is 14 years old. He is very strong and he is a wrestler. The sport he likes is football. He is a special person to me because if someone hurts me, he stands up for me and I stand up for him too. Sometimes we wrestle, play Nintendo and jump on the trampoline. I like him so much I wish he was my brother. He and I are best buddies.

My Special Person
by Timmy T.

Greg Maddux was born on April 14, 1966. He was born in Texas. Greg always loved baseball. The Chicago Cubs drafted him. He won a gold glove in 1990. Greg made the All-Star team and won the Cy Young award 1991. He joined the Atlanta Braves in 1993. In 1995, he helped the Braves win the World Series against the Cleveland Indians. Since that time, he has been an important part to the Braves pitching staff. When he retires, I think he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

My Mom and Dad
by Jessica Y.

My momís and dadís names are Jay and Jennifer. I love them. I can tell them anything. They can take me anywhere. They love me too. I can ask them anything. They protect me and my little brother. Sometimes I get angry at them but I say I'm sorry. They are artists too. One time my dad went to work and he could not come with us to Mississippi. I missed him a lot. But when I saw him, I gave him a big hug. I love my mom and dad.

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