Mrs. Dean's Class, Britt Elementary
Ways to Get the Holiday Spirit...

Written, typed, and edited by Mrs. Dean's Class of 2000-2001.

You could sing as you sit around the Christmas tree and you can make a Christmas card.

by Jessica L.

Get to know your family better.

By Davonta

Help put up the tree. Give food to poor.

by Enfini E.

Give presents to kids at Christmas who donít get presents. Make little toys for your little brothers and sisters.

by Karoline B.

Buy inexpensive gifts for kids in the Chris House. Help your family decorate your house. Buy inexpensive toys to give to Toys For Tots. Make gingerbread houses and give them to your grandparents.

By Gina S.

Open presents with your family. Make a book for your family so they can read it.

By Michael R.

Give tickets to the laser show at Stone Mountain to your family. Make little puppy shape candles. Help your family decorate the tree.

Jamila W.

Go with your family to get the Christmas tree.

By Matthew R.

Help your family buy the stuff they buy you.

by Shakim O.

Give presents with your family. Go around singing Christmas carols.

Mikey H.

Make Christmas cards for your family. Take your family out for Christmas shopping.

By Shelby M.

Help others. If you have an old toy thatís still good you can take it to the Good Will. Give hugs to family.

by Kristen W.

Make toys with your family.

by Tevon S.

Be polite if an aunt or uncle gives you a toy that you already have. Sing carols.

By. Jake M.

Go see Christmas lights with your family. Going around your neighborhood to see lights.

By Emily H.

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