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THANKS for coming by our classroom to visit. Students wrote and edited their own essays and then typed them on a word processing program, using spell check. Mrs. Dean copied and pasted the essays onto this web page and we hope you enjoy reading about what students would do with a $1,000,000!

What Would We Do with

By Davonta R.

I would spend $100.000 on a pager. I would spend $1.00 on a present for my brother and buy something for MRS.DEAN. After all the stuff I bought I would have $1,000 left. I would feed the hungry. I would not spend it on guns. I would spend it on food.

By Dylan S.

If I had $1,000,000 I would go to L.A. and get a sing and dance career. Then get lots of money and I'd go to Hawaii and get a girl friend. I would stay for a while and then go back to L.A. and get my job back. My cars would be a Mustang and a Ferraro or a limo. I would buy a big mansion and have one boy and one girl. That is what.

By Emily H.

If I had $ 1,000,000 I would buy a house, a car, and a lot of ice cream. Then I would probably have about $ 7,000 left. After that I would buy a really, really comfy chair to sit in. I would also buy a TV. I would also buy 1 airplane, 2 grocery stores, and hire a maid. I would not be mean to her. Then I would have about $30 left then I would buy a pouchy. I would have a lot of fun with my new stuff!

By Enfini E.

If I had a 1,000,000 dollars. I would buy Britt and kick all the teachers out and we will have a party and lunch will be free and we will have pizza and I`ll give everybody go-carts and I`ll give everybody $50 and I`ll take everybody to Six Flags.

By Gina S.

If I had 1,000,000 dollars I would buy a TV, 10 ice creams, 3 games, and a house to live in. By then I would have 969,871 dollars. With all the leftovers I would save it. After a few years I would get the money and buy paper to draw on, crayons and a sun room to go in my house. After that I would invite all my friends and have a party together!! I would be the richest person in the world if I had 1,000,000 dollars!!

By Jake M.

If I had $ 1,000,000 I would be rich. I would buy my mom a new car. We would live in a huge house. And I would buy all the pizza I want. I could have a maid. Then she could clean my room. I could have a servant. He can get me a goat cart. I would have a lot of animals. I would have a lot of sisters & brothers. And I would have a limo.

By Jamila W.

If I had $1,000,000 I would spend it on a house Nintendo 64 and at and a VCR and a play station. A maid and a butler and a play ground and a phone and a supply of waffles for a year. I will not have to go shopping again. I will have a 22 window limo and a big screen TV in there. The other $700 is going to high school and we will have some parties and awards.

By Jessica L.

If I had A $ 1,000,000 I would buy a gorgeous house and a limo with a maid. I would have a beautiful cat named Jasper and a dog named Josephine. I would have 6 beautiful shiny sparkly dresses. The day I got 1,000,000 dollars I would have a party! I would go to Hawaii and see Brittany Spearís concert. I would even have a library with 10 computers in my house. I wish I had $1, 000,000!!!!!!

By Karoline B.

If I had 1,000,000 dollars I would buy four houses, three lakes, three motorcycles, five hot air balloons, one airplane, ten grocery stores, three schools for my children, lots of ice cream stands, twenty TVís, twenty VCRís, three CD players and lots of jewelry I would be the richest person in Loganville. Then I would invite everyone in the town for a party. When everyone left they would ask for something. The women would ask for one piece of jewelry. The men would ask for two ties. I will be so rich!!!!!!

By Kristen W.

If I had one $1,000,000 I would buy a mansion with 8 bedrooms and 2 living rooms . I would have 1 maid and 2 butlers. I would save money for college. Then when I am out of it I am going to be a lawyer. Then I am going to buy a limo with 8 windows. Then I will have been elected for judge. I will be on TV and crack cases. I would retire at the age of 70.

By Matthew R.

If I had $1,000,000 I would buy a house with a swimming pool. Then I would buy 2 dogs and two Corvettes. I would take a vacation to Las Vegas and buy another house in Florida by the beach. That is all I would like to buy.

By Michael R.

If I had one million dollars I would buy a Corvette and a Mustang GT. After that would go to Hawaii. Then I would buy one thousand pizzas. Then when Iím ten Iíll buy a mansion with two door garage and a swimming pool. I will have two guard dogs. Then I will pay for my school fee. I will put the rest in my bank account

By Mikey H.

One day I was in my room and I was watching Do You Want to be a Millionaire and I got to be on the show. First I got $1000. Then I got $2000. Then I got $3000 . Then I got $4000 . Then I got $5000. Then I got $10,000. I spent $1000. So I got back $9000. I bought game. Then he gave me $100 for free.

By Shelby M.

If I had $1,000,000 I would by my own car and a pool. A butler will bring me some ice cream. I will give some to the school and my day care then I will buy a T.V., some toys, and my own McDonaldís and a museum and let the whole school come and they will do arts and crafts and plays. I will be the lovely princess and there will be a handsome prince. We'll get married and live happily ever after. Then we will go to McDonald's and eat lunch. Then we will paint pictures.

by Shavae A.

If I had $1,000,000 dollars, I would spend it on toys, food, candy, clothes, and a limousine. I would also be rich and Iíll buy a mansion, 4 grocery stores, 6 DVD players, 10 Nintendo 64ís, play stations, 6 swimming poolís, 6 hot tubs, not only that stuff. I also want a singing career.

By Sherita C.

If I had $1,000,000 Ií d buy the whole school and put all the teachers out of the school then I would save 50 dollars and buy 19 boxes of ice cream and then I would go to the Waffle House and buy everybody some waffles and I will buy the Waffle House and when I get tired of it. Then I would buy my sister a doll baby and she will love that. Now you know what I will buy if I had 1,000,000 dollars. Most of all I buy a house and then if I run out money I will ask my mom for money.

By Toby C.

If I had $1000,000 I would buy a house made of solid gold. A big screen TV, a 9,0000000.01 person bed, a back yard 999,999,999 miles long. My gold house would be ten miles long. I would save $10,000 for college. I would buy 10,000 maids. Probably I would be broke by then.

By Tevon S.

If I had $ 1,000,000 I will go to Six Flags and take my family. And go to N.Y. and buy all of the gold and make my own store and make more money and live in a mansion and get married but Iím only a kid but probably in the future. So see you later.

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