Mrs. Dean's Class, Britt Elementary 1998-99

MRS. DEAN'S CLASS 1999-2000
Our Favorite Pets

THANKS for coming by our classroom to visit. Students wrote and edited their own essays and then typed them on a word processing program. Mrs. Dean copied and pasted them onto this web page and we hope you enjoy what we have written!

By Brittani

My favorite pet is a dog. My dog ran away,along time ago. Her name was Lady.I miss her very much. I wish I still had her.I wish she didn't ran away. I hope she will come back to me. She might and she might not. I don't now if she will come back to me or not. I still have hope and one day she will come back to me.

by Richard

My favorite animal is a dog because he takes care of the house. If there is a robber, he barks. The robber won't steal anything from the houses. When everyone leaves the house alone, he has to take care of it. If they go on vacation, the dog takes care of the house.

My favorite pet
by Sarah

My favorite pet is my rabbit. He is so cute. I love him very very much. He is fat and soft and you just want squeeze him. When we got him he was the smallest one. Now he is like the biggest one. If he want some water he well shake his thing-a-ma-jigger When we got him we had no cage for him , so we had to put him in the bathroom. We put a cat box in the bathroom. We think he had an owner before we got he. I think he is the best rabbit ever.

My Favorite Pet
Written By: Wesley C.

How I Got My First Dog

My favorite pet is the dog. My dogs are really special. Well there is only one dog left. I'll tell you the story if you want. I guess I'll tell you it. It all started a long time ago, well actually not along time ago. It actually started 14 years ago. I wasn't even born yet. It was my grandmothers birthday, and my mom wanted to get my grandmother a dog. So she went to a Video rental place, and guess what there were puppies! The puppies that were there, my mom thought that my grandmother wouldn't like, but then there was a special one that jumped out and licked my mom. Then my mom thought that this would be the perfect dog for my grandmother. Everyone was happy. Well not everyone was happy. The Video rental mangers daughter was crying because she dressed up the dog that they had sold to my mom. When my mom gave her [The Dog] to my grandmother. She called her Muggins Magee Spencer. Then my grandmother said, "Steph I can't take this she's attached to you." So she took her. I think its really cool that she won a obedience award. Right now she's being a stinker. She steals my pillow, she sits on my head. One time my mom was trying to wake me up and Muggins jumped on my stomach Well it looks like were out of time.
The End.

by: Ricky

My favorite animal is a cat. Cats are cuddly. They're cute. My aunt and uncle has a Himalayan cat. His name is Billy. He always likes to hide under one of the beds. If he doesn't hear anyone he goes downstairs and finds everyone. He's a brave cat. He likes my mom Than any other member in my family. I got to pet him. He's the cutest cat I've met.

The End

By Jennifer
My Cat

I have a cat so cuddly and warm that sits at the window until I come out to play with her. Her name is Princess she had 4 kittens but ,I don't remember their names but I still remember them playing with me. I remember I came back from the store. They took our kittens and took them to the pound and they locked Princess in a cage and I got very mad.

The Cat
By: Ozaer

My favorite animal is a cat. I had one but it went to the Pound. It name is Gader It drank out of a Miami Gader cup. when ever I brought it she would jump up. It loved string. I had good times with Gader. I picked it up a lot. I loved it very much. It tricked a dog. The cat was fun to play with. Once the cat pooped in the garage and I thought it was a leaf but it was poop I touched it then I washed my hands. My friends loved the cat too we played with it and had good time. Gader never scratched me or anyone. she would always run to me. I think it is a girl cat. Gader loved me to. One day we had to give Gader table but they got it. The whole day I was mad, sad. I loved it very much. Today to the pound they took her during the day Gader ran under the dinning room I still wonder were Gader is. I still miss Gader.


by Paige

I love cats the best. I have a cat his name is Chance. He is a boy. I love cats the best because you can cuddle with them and they are sweet. My cat Chance hugs me. It is so cute. Sometimes in the morning he gets up in the bed with me. He sheds a little bit. One time he almost got hit by the door. I love cats so much. Especially my cat. Sometimes I get made at hem but I still love him. I love my cat so very much.

by Austin

My little dog Daggie. She died had a tumor when she eleven she died when she was 12 we think the tumor was coming back. So then she died.

by: Michael M.

My favorite pets were my dog daisy and my two cats Magie and Molly. Molly was more lovable then Magie. Every night Molly would go to my Moms bed and love her. She slept in her bed and then in the morning she would follow her down stairs. Magie would be the nice one and let Molly love my Mom. Then I would pick up Magie love her so she was happy. O.K. That's enough about my cats. Here is some things about my dog. I got my dog when I was about 4 or 5. She lived until I was about 7 or 8. She died because there was to much blood going into her ear. We had strained to much. So we had to put her to sleep. I forgot to tell you how Molly died she got hit by a car.

the end

My Favorite Pet
By: Erica

My favorite pet is a dog, because I have two dogs. They are brown. they are about the size of me. I love them very much, and they love me a lot too. They are brother and sister. The boy is Muttley and the girl is Snickers. They are outside dogs that's why we keep them out side. We don't really lie giving them a bath because they will scratch you, and it makes a big mess, [if you no what I meen]. My dogs are about 3 years old, I got them for Christmas. What kind of animal do you like?

by Chelsea

On my moms birthday we went to the pets market then we saw a dog and it was a cute doggie to. And when we got we fed her. Then she went to sleep when she woke up. Then we took the dog outside to run around outside. When we went back inside we watched a movie we had some pop corn. Rocksy sleeps in the laundry room some times she Is about ten weeks old. We make sure she has plenty of food and water when we come back from places. We take her outside when we come back and when we go somewhere we put her in the laundry room when we have games .
The End

by Jaclynn P.

My favorite pet is a dog because dogs are playful, like cats. I really think dogs are more playful than cats. Dogs chew bones and they have toys, or they could have more than cats. And dogs can swim cats can't . Dogs tongues all ways stick out cats doesn't.

My Favorite Pet
By :Kaitlyn

One summer I wanted to get a dog so I asked my mom and dad if they would get me a dog and they said yes. Three days later they took me to a house and I looked everywhere because there were dogs everywhere! Then a cute little dog came to me and she was a cute little puppy so I told my dad I wanted her so we got her. We thought of names and the one that I wanted was Freckles. So now I always will love her!

by Kenny

My favorite pet is a dog. The type of dog I have is a cocker spaniel I had my dog ever since I was born. My dog is 91 in doggy years. My dogs name is Smoky she is named after the mascot Smoky If I start to throw a ball in the air she will start barking and then I will tossed it to her and then she will catch it.

My Favorite Pet
by: Allison

My favorite pet is a cat. We still have him. His name is Shadow. He is almost all black. He likes to be outside. Sometimes we leave him outside and it rain's and he gets wet. We got him from my cousins because she was allergic to cats. He likes to be petted under his chin. He sleeps on my sisters bed. he likes kids. He is a good cat. I think cats are good pets. I like pets.

My Favorite Pet
by Monique

My favorite pet a dog. The reason I like dog is because They are cute and smart and strange Sometimes dogs have fleas now if. You have a dog your dog might. Be smart like mine and if your dog is sick take. it to the doctor then he will take good care of it.

By: Michael T.

My favorite pet are dogs. Because they can play a lot. They hardly get tired. I wish I could have a dog. Because when I'm lonely it can play with me. Dogs have a beautiful color. And they like to dig a lot.

By Kevin W.

My favorite animal is a Dog. I have one and his name is Trakker. He is very hyper some times. He is a Springer Spaniel He is black and white .

My Dog
by Lakesha

Smokey was my favorite pet. He didn't bite. He was all black and I think his eyes were green. He played with me. He slept in the basement and he ate dogfood. I don't still have him. I think he loved me. I loved him. He was a playful puppy and I had him when he was little. I think my sister named him.

James W.
I love my cat. I have two cats. They are black and white. They chase each other . I still have them at my house. I have a girl cat and a boy cat.

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